Young Scholars Excellence Award


Requirements and Procedure:

1. Before submitting the full paper, participants must have previously submitted and received
acceptance of their abstract.

2. The full-length, publishable article should have an extension of no more than 4000 words.
The main text must contain no references to the author. Please send your text as a word file
to Deadline: March 16, 2015.

3. Submitters must provide proof of their status as graduate students or junior faculty
(defined as persons who earned their doctorate degree less than 2 years before the
date of the conference). This documentation must me sent as a PDF document to at the time of submission of the paper.

4. The Awardees will be informed of the Board of Judges’ decision one month before the
conference begins. Final awarding is contingent on the winners’ attendance of the conference,
where s/he is expected to present the paper in person.

5. The Awardees agree to submit the full essay for publication in the conference proceedings.


1. The Scientific Committee of the CICR will designate a 3-person Board of Judges for the
Award. The names of the Board of Judges will be announced at the Awarding Ceremony.

2. The Awards will be given attending to excellence in scholarship, contribution to knowledge,
clear and concise development of the thesis in connection with the conference theme.

3. One or both of the awards may not be given, if the judges deem the quality of the
submissions not worthy of the award. The Judges’ decision is final.