In the last decade the screen has acquired a centrality that implies a cultural change and marks a tipping point in the massive process of digitalization. The screen itself is a singular phenomenon that deserves a specific and differentiated attention because it modifies the very nature of the information. Screen implies connection and, increasingly, interaction, both with information (e.g hypertext) and with people who produce it (e.g. social networks).

The next International Conference ‘Communication and Reality’ 2017 proposes the topic  Reality and screen, a postmodern mirror. We invite scholars, practiotioners and students to do a prospect exercise that addresses the following questions: What are the perspectives of this new stage of information society? Are we living irreversible changes or these changes can they be re-thinked (as it occurs with the return of the vinyl)? May it happen in the long term that the screen becomes the access tool to information for the poor, whereas the afluent classes will choose the printed book or the vinil disc?

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