One of the most significant and controversial debates in recent times revolves around the question of how communication technologies have affected the way in which individuals and communities negotiate and manage visibility and getting attention in the digital mediascape. In previous editions of our biannual International Conference on “Communication and Reality, we have given center stage to debates on the evolution, the influence, and the effects which the rapidly changing technologies have had in the public arena constituted by the press, cinema, radio, television and public relations and advertising campaigns.

For our 2015 edition, themed Negotiating (In)Visibility: Managing Attention in the Digital Sphere, we welcome scholars, practitioners, and students to take sides in the controversy, shed new light on the on-going debate, and offer alternative, unorthodox, outside-the-box explorations of the issue, thus contributing to answering the question of whether the strategies and habits in which users of the digital public sphere currently perform attention-management ultimately leads to more visibility and plurality, or rather, more invisibility and uniformity.

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